Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Brittney creates peaceful chaos

The amazing Brittney (pictured here with Keltic Ken) said:

"...i believe in peace
but i don't have the patience
or the attitude at times
to create anything but chaos."

For one:

Brilliant observation. Bonoesque, even.

Romans 7...esque.

For two:

Actually, in a way,

peace (accurately and biblically defined) IS chaos.

Tohu Bohu. It is all that God has to create out of/create.
Physics has certianly backed up the case.
You can even ask St. Len.

Or a great and peacefully chaotic and creative

book by Gleick ..

Or even do some practical chaos theory.

For three:

Patience is overrated.

Even Jack Hayford (isn't he the most patient leader you know of?) says so:

I am inclining to lose my patience lately, and hoping you might agree with me:

There are certain issues and certain times in which passion ought to preempt patience.

A discerning distinction. I will never defend wild-eyed fanaticism. .. But I have found a law of diminishing return where that order of patience is exercised that becomes so placid, so cooled, so bound by reserve that the status quo is never confronted.

I need passion, not patience....

For catorce (everyone knows this is the real biblical number for "four"):

Britney rocks!

im very good at
solving other peoples issues
i just cant solve my own

...she said.

You go, girl. Create chaotic peace with an attitude.

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