Thursday, March 06, 2008

Dishwalla: providing cable TV and prayer

Who ARE these guys? They blew me away in the car today..

like they apparently did someone else, as well:

Was I hearing right? Were they really singing

"Tell me all your thoughts on God, and tell me am I very far?..

We're not far away now."


They were.

The entire song is online here

Thank God he recently asked me to listen to my new favorite "secular" Godhaunted station.

And who were these guys, i goooooooooogled.


Never heard of them.


"The band's name comes from an Indian term for a person providing cable television to a neighbourhood. In a Vox interview, Rodney claimed the band took the name out of a Wired magazine article."

E: Your lyrics reveal an ongoing interest in matters of spirituality while you seem to shun extreme religiosity (Counting Blue Cars, Charlie Browns Parents). And then there are the lyrical themes throughout the Opaline album that seem downright Biblical- mentions of salvation, angels and demons. What is it about the supernatural that inspires you to write about it? Are you a religious guy?

JR: I consider myself a spiritual person. I believe that there is good and bad. In us and around us. The battle between good and evil has always inspired me and the gothic imagery that surrounds it often shows up in my lyrics. more

They have even inspired an "official" Christian band (Katinas) to be more bold (as they did me):

During this time he recalls an interview that actually inspired the writing of the song, "It was a segment essentially about God and people's interpretation of who God is. They used examples like Joan Osborne trying to imagine God in everyday circumstances with her song "One of Us," and Dishwalla asking "tell me all your thoughts on God," in their hit "Counting Blue Cars," and Bette Midler's comforting lyrics "God is watching us from a distance." "You Are God" was our opportunity to be bold in our expression of who our God is." link

And now I hear they have been around for years, and are on temporary hiatus!

Dang, i should've been listening to "regular" radio all along...

what else have i been missing???

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