Wednesday, March 05, 2008

prophetic musical guilds vs. fragmented individuals with disinformation

From a great book, that like many, is now all of
one penny

"So what of Bob Dylan? Was or is he a prophet? Have we seen the Spirit operating among the songwriters of our times..
The idea shouldn't sound so strange. Around the time of Samuel, people prophesied in 'guilds,' some of which travelled around in musical grips. No kidding. For the Israelites at the time, this was the norm...Huston Smith, PhD, wrote,'Traveling in schools or bands was a field phenomenon, which could only occur when the group was together.'

..Could it be that is why Dylan keeps on the move so the Commander doesn't ask again?

In the Old Testament, artists, musicians and craftsmen were often inspired by the Spirit: to build the tabernacle, make Aaron's garments, and build Solomon's temple. So why can't a modern pops singer play the role of prophet in our time? In the 1960s, roving bands used warnings against the militarism and materialism of the generation...

Was Bob Dylan a prophet?..No more or less than any performer since, whose song lyrics urge integrity, love, compassion and courage to stand for the truth--yes, the Godly things.
The troubadors, leaders, activists and religious people today command the attention of millions through the power of the media, and its up to each of us to decide for ourselves which ones 'speak' for God.

Maybe by comparison, you could call today's prophets 'Spirit lite,' but there's a big difference between the time of the prophets and now. It's a difference in what was at stake. What was at stake then was..throwing away the Promised Land! ..The Chosen People--in whom was planted the fertile seed of Yahweh--would have vanished forever and given back the world to the wandering tribes that worship the bulls, phalluses, venery and fecundity. At stake was the loss of the tribes in entirety..

What's at stake for us today? In terms of ideology, our world is fragmented, by country and city, by town and neighborhood, by temple and church. We are even fractured within our dysfunctional households and inside our scattered, divided, distracted minds....Each individual of us is a tribe unto ourselves, wandering in a desert of disinformation...with reason enslaved by doctrine, prejudice and illusion. What is the Spirit to do?

Where are the prophets?...Bono of the rock group U2 has been campaigning for years for the superpowers to forgive the debts of the poorest nations. The Spirit seeks every open avenue for expression-in anyone with a voice and will." -Jon Robertson, "Fire & Light: An Off-road Search for the Spirit of God" p. 56

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