Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I don't want to be on the news...yeah, right

"People act differently in front of the camera, even when the camera isn't real."
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Part 1 of Bono's home movie (filmed for a news program)"A Day in the Life of the Edge" is a classic...(a kind of personal sequel to "video cameras everywhere: of ZOO TV"). Bono literally wakes Edge up. A favorite line is (Edge to Bono):
"I don't want to be on the news; YOU want to be on the news."

Bono replies/admits, "That's true, but.."

The invasive camera continues as Edge blows his nose/preps his morning coffee with a voyeuristic half-naked cameraman who announces "This is not about you as a celebrity; but you as a musician....You're not buying that, are ya?"

Hemant Mahta, the delightful atheist who "sold his soul on ebay,"...or better yet offered to visit and offer practical observations/critique of how Christian worship serviced come off to an unbeliever. What we we notice as visitors to a church service?

On pages 85 and 99 (at two different churches), he notices how hard it is to see the "stage" for the obtrusive video cameras.

"Every church seems to have a stage, regardless of the church's size." (73)

"Several times, when the pastor was right next to certain audience members, they weren't watching him, Instead, they were staring at one of the two large screens displaying a video image of the pastor." (102)

Part 2 of "Day in the Life of The Edge," the Edge confronts the principality named papparazi/"Pavoratti." All church leaders all need to engage this warfare,
and resist that seduction,

The end of the video is hugely instructiuonal for pastors, as the celebrity hangs out with the everyday people (lifeguard), sharing guitar/life/ministry sans pretense (even if it IS for the camera):

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T-bone Burnett - "Image":

I had this image of you
and you had this image of me
and your image would talk to my image
and my image would talk to your image
and somewhere along the way
                      our images sort of let each other down

Song lyrics | Image lyrics

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