Thursday, September 18, 2008

Phyllis Tickle's "The Great Emergence"

I am only three chapters in, and I already know this will be a pivotal book for my future.

I haven't been this sucked in since...well, this novel novel trapped me in my Toyota.

Of course, everyone I know and know of who has even touched

Phyllis Tickle's "The Great Emergence;How Christianity Is Changing and Why"

has raved.

A few quick pre-raves of my own:

1)She examines history through the lens of "every 500 years the church as a rummage sale":
The Great Schism, The Great Reformation, and (currently) The Great Emerging. She reminds that the previous movements "swiftly, broadly and violently" overthrew their generation's prevailing story of Christendom (Crusades followed on; post-Ref wars the other).
My question/prayer: So how do we keep up with "where this Great Emergence is taking us,"
but only allow it to act two out of the three (not the last item this time, please) this time??

2)From the loaded page 53, alone worth price of the book:

The printing press which disseminated the previous Reformation was a "converted winepress." Can't help put catch the biblical symbolism..

"It would, quite literally, be impossible to exaggerate the central importance to the Great Emergence of the Internet and World Wide Web.."

NOTE WELL: "Much of the passion as well as the theological underpinnings of the Reformation was (also) disseminated by popular music. With the Great Reformation, as has been true of the Great Emergence, music was more often a more effectual vehicle of transmittal than was the learned treatise or the well-honed sermon."

Two word for Phyllis:
You rock!

3)The "basis of power" has moved from:
blood and land
(Great Schism)

cash money
(Great Reformation)


(Great Emergence)

-p. 51, 106

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