Friday, September 26, 2008

i preach=lie for a living

Chris Erdman:

"So many churches have no real room for the kind of honesty preaching requires. In fact congregations and their preachers often move in a direction opposed to truthfulness and become places we experience as contrived, artificial environments where the raw stuff of real human life is kept out of bounds, despite the rawness of the texts we read together each ...Preaching is a kind of truthtelling-even if there are enormous pressures to do otherwise. Rock and roll, says Bono, isn't much different. There are enormous pressures to hide, deceive and entertain, keeping us inside a false world. U2's success may be just at this point. They seem able to name pain in realistic yet hopeful ways....At the close of "Sunday Bloody Sunday" {at Slane Castle, 2oo1, video below}...Bono chants, one by one, the names of those killed {in the Omagh bombing}..

This is rock and roll that cuts

through masks and bleed red the passions of the heart..If rock and roll can do this, how much more our preaching?

..Bono: 'Never trust a performer, performers are the best liars. They lie for a living...You are an actor in a certain sense. But a writer is not a liar. There's a piece of Scripture: Know the truth, and the truth will set you free."

-Chris Erdman, "Countdown to Sunday," pp. 28-30

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