Thursday, December 16, 2010

Feedback: Self-Sabotage: In 3 Directions

Maybe this won't be as controversial as last year's Derek Webb project, which included his using the  S- word on a "Christian" album....Its "instrumental. electronic. classically composed. based on the Lord's prayer."  It's a CD...and some short films:

Feedback [2.1] from Scott Brignac on Vimeo.
Part [2.1] of Self-Sabotage: In 3 Directions.
A Cycle of Short Films Composed for Derek Webb's Feedback. Get the album:]

Derek Webb:
Worship is a complicated idea.  Arguably, it’s what we all do, 24 hours a day (regardless of what we’re worshipping).  And I’m aware of a lot of “worship product” in the marketplace I sometimes occupy.  So I was cautious when I first started receiving the coordinates that would lead me to make ‘Feedback’.  It was immediately conceptual and ambitious, so much so that I genuinely wasn’t sure
I could do it.  But this seemed to be the perfect posture in which to create something worthy of being called a “worshipful” piece of art.  So I studied, meditated, struggled and prayed my way through this creative process, and it’s easily the most challenging thing I’ve done in my career. But I believe it’s been worth it, even just for the ways it’s stretched both my creative process and my faith
as a follower of the Way.
-Derek Webb, link

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