Tuesday, December 21, 2010

i hope i remember to never forget this song

Photo credit, and article, "Why do songs get stuck in my head?"

A cognitive scientist says:
"What seems to happen is that a piece of familiar music serves as a soundtrack for a mental movie that starts playing in our head."

But nowadays, with YouTube, any gaps in the mental movie can be filled in with a literal movie.

As an aftereffect of every overseas trip, I become Godhaaunted with songs from the trip; songs that I couldn't forget if I tried (like this torturous number from the Andes, which you can click and play if you want, as long as you know it tortures me even when YOU play it at  a distance; and this gal's spontaneous prayersong one the shore of Galilee a month later)but this lively worship song below from a meeting of our recovery church in Huancayo, Peru is on the top ten...besides inspiring Ken to fly around the room (as you can see)...it always reminds me to never  filter the word "church" not through NorthAmerican mega-definitions and requirements...so what if we could smell sewage?  We danced.

And when I remember, or re-watch the song...well, Bruce Cockburn was right about the bone in my ear/song in my head:

PS On a lighter note (literally), I can never hear (or see)the national anthem the same way again..,after this

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