Monday, December 20, 2010

new book by Dallas Elder, "The Value Giver"

"The Value Giver: the HeArt of Receiving and Giving True Worth" by Dallas Elder:
Book website and excerpts here; endorsements below (the last one shouldn't really count..but it's true!)

"We are broken, inadequate and filled with guilt and shame.  That is the human condition, and as a result, we are tempted to see the world and, more importantly, our own selves as bereft of worth.  It is this debilitating tendency that Dallas Elder addresses in The ValueGiver.  Through the use of story, textual examination, and personal vulnerability, Elder weaves a narrative of hope and help.  The result is a well-written, life-giving book that will uplift the spirit of all who read it.”" 
-JP Moreland, Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, Talbot School of Theology, and author of The God Question 

"“Here is a book that is well-written, engaging, filled with real-life stories and practical examples.  There is much sage advice here growing out of Dallas Elder’'s seasoned experience in ministry.  The ValueGiver will both enable you to see others more clearly through the eyes of Christ and equip you as you seek to call forth the divine dignity in them.  Read it and be inspired and blessed to be a blessing to others.”" 
-Steve Seamands, Professor of Christian Doctrine, Asbury Theological Seminary and author of Ministry in the Image of God

“"Drawing from a deep wellspring of personal pain and pastoral experience, Dallas Elder has given us a beautiful book. The ValueGiver shows how the redeeming work of Christ is much more than an afterlife oriented "ticket to heaven." Instead we learn to see salvation as the recovery of the Imago Dei.  It is in the redemption of our identity as beloved creatures who bear the image of God that we learn our true value and how to bestow this inestimable value upon others. I heartily recommend this book and hope it will be read far and wide."” 
-Brian Zahnd, Lead Pastor, Word of Life Church, St. Joseph, Missouri and author of Unconditional?: The Call of Jesus to Radical Forgiveness

"I am glad to see how The Value Giver tranmits so much of the heart and mind of my dear friend, Dallas Elder.  He is a wise, gentle and powerful friend of God who has a grasp on sound truths and a commitment and zeal to patiently and faithfully practice what he has learned.  Moreover, he is a skilled and compassionate spiritual leader and guide who creates healthy and life-giving relational contexts all over the world so that many others can also become great friends with Jesus Christ.  The ValueGiver is laced with compelling stories, revealing personal experiences, relevant Scriptures, witty word pictures and great quotes that will stick with you.  Please read this will see the Lord in fresh ways and be empowered to love him more fully and follow him more freely.”"
-Michael Sullivant: Conference Speaker, Author of Prophetic Etiquette and leader of the ministry Radius.

“"We are always enthused when an author’s experience establishes the premise for his work. Yet, it is not merely inspiration that you the reader, will obtain from these pages. The ValueGiver expounds on the Creator’s value system, and the restoration process for fallen mankind. Dallas Elder develops passion for living out life’s purpose in the heart of the reader. It is exciting to think how this book will have eternal impact on many lives.”" 
-Jonathan Carey, Founder and President of the CTC Network and author of Building Your Vision.


"Dallas Elder, a pastor with a storyteller's heart, possesses an amazing gift of  articulating profoundly simple, and simply profound truths.  I have been waiting years for this book; I dare you to read this life-changer, and  tap into your destiny of receiving and giving value."
-Dave Wainscott, pastor of Third Day Fresno and adjunct professor of Bible for Fresno Pacific University and Latin American Bible Institute-Sanger, CA

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