Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hanging the Cross on Our Art

Two posts on  "Hanging the Cross on Our Art::

1)Gary Molander blogs: a church setting, art that creates fresh cravings is art that WE HANG THE CROSS OF JESUS ON.  And then, rather than explaining or analyzing it, we do something that may seem counter-intuitive.  After we hang the cross of Christ on it, we quietly and simply…
Walk away.
We allow the cross of Jesus to hang upon the art we’ve created, while allowing the observers of our art to interpret, to ponder, or to go get brunch.
If you’ve got two minutes, I think Bono illustrates this better than my words ever could.  As U2 performs “40″, watch what Bono does at the end.
         You get what just happened, right?  Bono’s art is his voice, his lyrics.  So that’s where he hangs the cross of Christ..   -Gary Molander
2)David Hayward, The Naked Pastor, posts some of his new art, a peice called "Be Free."
Here uh, the cross is hung on....well, actually AS, a woman's rear end/...
Uh, don't worry, it's not blasphemous......just click here to see and buy it (;

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