Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"From Eternity To Here" by...huh?

Two great books...but look carefully:

How in the world does this happen without copyright/lawsuit  issues?
 Identical title and color scheme.. Absolutely no accident.  Both books came out about the same time, and are completely unrelated as far as content. Looks like the Christian one (l) came out first, and then the physics one, at least by copyright date and Amazon's listed date of publication. (I was hoping it wasn't the other way around. My fear was the Christian publisher had stolen the cover of the secular one)..

So I really wonder what the story is. It's crazy and must cause confusion., It did for me. When I saw the book on the right in the store, I thought "How funny, someone stuck Viola's Christian book under the science section."  So I'll tag the. authors on Facebook: Frank Viola and Sean M. Carroll and see wbat happens.

Anyone know the story?
Both great books, btw.

Update: Frank Viola responded on Facebook:

Frank Viola Thanks for your inquiry and for copying me in. And more, for the kind words about the book. Yes, you are correct, my book came out first, some 8 or 9 months earlier as I recall. It was on Amazon (with the cover) many months before it releas...ed. I remember when a friend of mine found the other book almost a year later on another site. The publisher and I were amazed by the same title and similar cover. Nevertheless, I don't believe in judging motives and concluded that it was just a coincidence. So I applaud Mr. Carroll for a compelling title. And I do like his cover as well. :-) If the truth be told, James Jones stole our title some 50 years earlier . . . he just reversed two of the words ;-)See More

.Dave Wainscott Frank, thanks so much for filling us in. I love the way you handled it..you know this was no accident, even if it was subconscious. Will be interesting to hear what Sean Carroll or his publisher says. And yes, I do love the book, will post a review soon. Thanks so much for all you do in the Kingdom. Blessings!

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