Saturday, January 14, 2012

David Crowder: let me in the sound of light

If you think David Crowder's a heretic, you'll enjoy this link

If you think's he's the Messiah, he's not.

But if you were wondering if the Christianity Today review of his band's new and final

project is hyperbole:

" watching all three Lord of the Rings films in one sitting..a Mount Everest of rock worship albums, never to be topped." -Christianity Today, print edition very early hunch after only a few listens is:

Of course...but maybe not.

It probably tops "Church Music" and it's odd ancestor...combined.

Some  helpful reviews:

I have long loved the liturgy and physics  connections in the Crowder catalog (see more on Crowder and physics here),
but this time around, I pick up some "sound theory."  Likely not a full-blown acoustemology, and decidedly not a commentary on string theory..

But in a way that reminds me of the "sound" theme of U2's No Line ("Let me in the sound sound," "grace inside a sound," etc )..

check out  the new Crowder tracks, "The Sound of Light" (here I especially appreciate the synesthesia reference, and that it's also good physics)..and "There is a Sound."

Is the universe at base music/sound?
Or is it all light?

Perhaps the only  sound answer is yes

Which might facilitate time travel:  breaking the speed of sound or speed of light?


More to come...this project will take awhile to listen up....I mean, sound out.

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