Tuesday, January 24, 2012

can pastors also go with the flow....of the ringtone?

Churches sure love/hate how they have to deal with cell phone interruptions of worship services.
Some amazing stories are out there.

Of course my favorite video that one church actually uses to enforce their cell phone policy (with some radical humor) is here.":one church's policy on cell phones in church."
(see also "No Cell Phones During Baptisms!!!"

You can probably guess what our church's policy is after a life may have been saved because a vistor took a call "in church."

There was a recent news story (I sure wish their was video about what the conductor of the NY Philharmonic did when interrupted by a call phone.

here: "Violinist interrupted by Nokia ringtone, plays the ringtone.
."  But the real treat is the video below.

Which style pastor/conductor are you?

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