Monday, July 08, 2013

15th century painting of Jesus with a basketball discovered

I can't wait to hear the answers to the question I just posted on Facebook ((chime in)):

a great price for a great 1,000 pagebook! But the real question (surprises no one has mentioned this on Amazaon reviews) is about the cover. Why is Jesus holding a basketball?
 — at Barnes And Nobles Bookstore.

Great book, though (excepted here).  I have used the DVD version to supplement the Church History class I teach.

The painting is not that well-known, and the book cover cropped out one of the most intriguing parts (I guess the publisher wanted more focus on the basketball than the three angel heads ...which totally reminded me of the class youth group "head through the table"

Whoa..and it hit me 

how ironic that connection was..the whole point of the trick was to switch your head with a  basketball!  (see "Oddball: Name that Ball" page 23 here, Photo at right.Thank God for Youth Specialities/Rice and Yaconelli)

Painting of the Eternal Blessing

An anonymous, 15th century, painting shows Christ with three winged, cherubic, heads. | Location: Orte, Italy link

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  1. Good question, and whereas it has basketball features, I believe it is the golden orb indicating authority and office (note cross on top).


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