Saturday, May 27, 2006

Naked Picture of Dave Wainscott :updated random cloud

Sorry to disappoint (: you all who got here via an internet search for "naked pictures of Dave Wainscott." At great risk, I decided to google my name and the word "naked" (Thank God there were no photos of me, or anyone else, but I knew I would find something interesting.. the point:

Here's an updated random word cloud from this blog. I need a random x-ray of my soul once in awhile. Sorry you ahd to see me naked..

Here's the earlier version and info on how to do it on yourself. Let me know if you also have "stripey cultural coffee" on your cloud..

The book Random Designer is a great stretching read;
we don't usuusally see God as "random," He seems pretty intentional kind of Guy...but...maybe He is Spiritaneous on purpose..

Tohu Bohu; Carpe Manana!

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