Friday, May 12, 2006

organic church with paid pastor?

I was scared of what his answer might be; I am a paid pastor trying to do organic church...(or something like that)

The zillion dollar question: "Can organic church work with a paid pastor?"

The ever-articulate apostolic Len Hjalmarson's answer is here:

Explosive, risky, risquee question for Len
(that link also has a very helpful
comparison of how some folks..pastors even..."do" church


  1. Dave - I received an e-mail from Ralph Neighor a while back where he is struggling with this very issue - namely, are pastors willing to relinquish their territorial "birthrights" and primary source of income in order to lead the charge for change in the 21st century. Do I have the courage? I suppose if the call is clear enough, the courage will come.

  2. Tom:

    Yes, you do. You are amazing that way.

    Ralph Neighbor messed me up at a conference: I have never recovered from it. I hope I never do.


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