Wednesday, May 24, 2006

4 Arguments for the elimination of TV....and/or church as usual

"Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television" the 4 arguments work for "church as usual," too?

The four arguments are:
1)The mediation of awareness
2)the colonization of experience
3)[negative]effects on the human being
4)its inherent biases

Wrestle with that here.


  1. I have not had television in my house for about five years now. I keep a portable in the basement for national disasters, etc. And once a friend that was here wanted to watch some game show his niece was on, so we pulled it out. Other than that--nothing.

    I am so happy with this decision. We do not miss it at all. Our home is peaceful. We read the news in the paper and online. At night we talk, take walks, watch movies, read, sometimes play cards. You can get most good shows and documentaries on Netflix, to which we subscribe.

    Once in a while I'll be in an airport or a waiting room where the tv is on. and I am reminded why my choice works well for me. Televisions spew garbage.

  2. That is so awesome, Jamie

    (sorry, somehow I missed this comment when you posted it...


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