Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A relocation camp sure ain't a Columba

When I comissioned one of the best photographers in town
(my dad....the other hot one is Skibster...I'll commission you next...and for my kids weddings) to take digital photos of two of the most intriguing signs in town, I sensed intuitively that these two apparently random signs were thematically connected for me.

I know my family had fun guessing what the connection was. But I wasn't sure till now.

The first photo I assigned was a Japanese relocation camp plaque that is beautiful but hugely hidden, blogged about and pictured here.

The other is a church sign for St. Columba Episcopal Church; but it inadvertently (prophetically?) says "Aint Columba." It is blogged on and captured in another winning Wainscott photo here.

So visit those two photo essays, ponder any connections,and come back here.

You may offer better connections, but I link them like this. Especially after reading about St. Columba (here and here) and his passion for "civic injustice," I would guess he wouldn't put up with a relocation camp at all; let alone a plaque on the site of one being so hidden from the public that no one knows it's there (and thus no one knows or remembers the' camp' was there). That kind of situation just "Ain't Columba" at all...

(Note also the photos are both of prophetically misunderstood signs directly next to the #1 and #2 shopping centers in town that draw "people with money." Columba (the pioneer of the anti-copyright movement as well!! Must be kin to St. Lawrence Lessig...someone name a church for that man: Aint Lessig Cathedral...just dont copyright the name!)

Ok, maybe that connection is cheesy.

But it built into me a fresh appreciation of:

St. Columba (the man and the church); and those who were sent to relocation camps (I know some).

I am praying about how to respond.

That's a sign from God.

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