Monday, May 08, 2006

A "System" of "Moral Absolutes"?

I keep seeing these armored cars around town with the logo painted on: "The System is the Solution." I argue with them every time! Then after one such encounter, a radio preacher announced over my car radio "We have got to get back to preaching the gospel of moral absolutes!" I argued aloud (and with colorful words...on the way to church!) with that well-meaning brother (see Twinkies/Midrash:Dobson motivated by morality or gospel?)

...Gonna have to go back to reading books and talking on my cell phone while I'm driving; this is getting too dangerous(: !

On those two topics...the "system" and moral absolutes:

Local saintoneer Chris Erdman just send me an encouraging email...thanks...which caused me to re-read his post on "Can the Denomination Be Saved?" amazing article I recommend (guess his answer); and which caused me to update my post called "We've Done Everything We Can to Work with Rev. Wainscott" ; and revisit the report on "Pastor Sends Sodomites to Island; gets stoned."

Enjoy...get uncomfortable..let Chris speak to you as you wrestle...

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