Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Bad Day For Jesus on the Upper West Side

Blondie (does she realize her brilliance, or that she's an emerging church blogger?) blogs:

Monday, May 08, 2006

Bad Day For Jesus on the Upper
West Side

Today in Lincoln Center, magic dude, David Blane is on his 7th day of
sitting in a bubble of water. I went to go see, mostly for my sister who is a
fan, so I could send her a picture. It wasn't really that cool. He just looked
all pruney and white. The line to go up to the bubble and get a closer look
was quite long. It wrapped around the Center and was not moving fast,
still the crowd was eager to get a close up look and the soggy magician.

Around the corner, it is the first day of Bible Reading Week. This
is where people take turns reading passages from scripture over a
microphone and speakers. Two people were standing there listening. Sorry
(link; you might also enjoy her "Why I am Independent, Not Republican or Democrat")

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