Thursday, February 08, 2007

St Earl Throws it into Reverse

Earl Creps (see my review off his off-roadedness here), and his great thoughts on asks:

1. How much time do you take to observe pop culture? I depend on “human intellifence” and automated resources (e.g., Google Alerts).

2. What do older people want to offer the young? An example of how to do reverse mentoring in their own lives one day—or maybe even now. We want to offer them a place at the table, i.e., at our house.

3. What about how we learn spiritual things from one another? The young need spiritual mothers and fathers. Our last church taught us so much through the example of passionate, corporate prayer set by our young adults. People were broken by the example of this intense spirituality.

4. What can we say to the younger generation to encourage r-mentoring? Basic openness to people outside your generation. Don’t assume there are walls when they re not.

5. Is there a cycle of Pentecost in Earl’s life? A rising of hunger for renewal in the church + a declining interest in what renewal looks like. Plus, don’t forget the power of God.

6. How can we make space for God to move? Create small patches of “white space” in our services and grow it into the culture of the church from there. Keep the focus on lost people.

Context of his asking is here..

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