Wednesday, February 07, 2007

"Ted Haggard Now 'Completely Heterosexual' ?

When I saw today's headline, "Ted Haggard Now 'Completely Heterosexual'," I confess..even though it should/could be true (and technically is true according to 1 Cor 6:9-11) plunged me into discouragement. Knowing that unless Haggard is radically different than eleven out of ten others who have travelled this road; the "complete" healing has not happened so quickly.

Serving on the board of a wonderful sex-addiction recovery ministry (chime in with an opinion below, Russ), watching the history of this exposure , and just knowing too much, this headline may well be an answer to my prayer; but I fear it is my worst fear: Haggard will declare himself healed and jump back into full-time ministry too soon.. the headline and keep praying..Maybe I'll feel better after reading the article, could've been an overly-dramatic headline...

I do believe, help my unbelief ..

In the meantime, read the book I hope Ted has:

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  1. Okay, i read the article and i do feel better


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