Wednesday, February 07, 2007

True Confessions II



Ever put a lit cigarette up your nose?Uh, years ago...BC...1976..don't ask...there is a slide somewhere
Ever cussed at God?Like anyone else honest, yeah.. Like some Bible pray-ers..
Ever streaked?Sure...same year as two above ...No photos that I am aware of..but don't ask Mumbo Man
Ever stolen?Hostess Snowballs from Gong's Market as a kid...(amd a prayer, as St. Vincent Furnier did in the amazing song "Stolen Prayer"
Worst sin you ever committed?killed Jesus
Cheated on a math test?i don't think so...but i have a hilarious story about someone cheating off me in college math...They knew I was an "A" student..but didn't know I was not so in Math!
Eaten guinea pig?not sure...been to Peru twice so it's possible. I think Cathie Metz has.
Which talk show host should interview Jesus?Colbert, or Keltic Ken
Predestination or free will?yes
Dance south of the equator?i have and plan to again
Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kreme?since only KK in town, i'll choose that
Hegel or Kierkegaard?Tough..Both are they had their differences. Probably the Dutch Dude by a hair..but a Hegelian synthesis of the two would be huge fun
Batman or Superman?Superman...but I have fond memories of the TV Batman...Oof!
Guilty pleasure?mindless pop music once every two years; Ray Bradbury
AM or FM?AM just to hear Keltic Ken, Tom Gonzales, or Bruce Hood on KRDU 1130; other than that: FM and BM in the PM
Funny hospital stories?as a pastor, yeah" I think a guy burned his hand trying to hide a lit cigarette from me; also: "accidentally" seeing hindquarters from those crazy hospital gowns. Rev Kev Clancey has the best story
Regular or Decaff?Come on, no contest. What's the point in decaff...that's Oxy the Moron
Cheech or Chong?both gifted with great voices in the old skits... Cheech as Sister Mary Elephant, maybe...and as the man talking to Jesus in "Welcome to Mexico" Chong as the character "Man."
Backmasking memory?Sey
First crush?Mom
Last wine?Last Sunday @worship (what kind of church do you think we are)...but it was stale, eh, Ken?
Bath or shower?Sometimes...more than Rich Mullins...ok, ok: shower
Next US state to visit?Washington (to scout out church plant with Kev, maybe...and because it's one of the few states...besides sanity...I've not visited)
What's on your bedside table?Bible, 17 books, flashlight, 3 magazines, pencil, 53 cents, an Israeli Shekel, a cat, Kleenex w/booger
Desk: Piles or files?Tohu Bohu
Email or MySpace mail?Like many, I now get more MySpace mail than old-fashioned far as personal messages.. I guess email is so "last millenium" (remember pay phones? Beta video? Adam Ant?)
How well can you do that under-the-armpit noise?better than you...more musically than your mom
Spiritual gifts?pastoring (one hopes), compassion (need more), discernment
Car?Toyota Corolla..not matter what Pastor Scott thinks
If you could have just one Old Testament book?Isaiah..


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