Thursday, February 08, 2007

your thoughts would me "wiki-teach" a class

I will be teaching a class for pastors/missionaries/leaders in March and would love to get your thoughts on a few questions. .. would help to have input from a wide spectrum..whatever your faith..or none (especially if you don't do church).

My questions, post your thoughts as comments, email, whatever:

1)What words come to mind when you think of "Sunday morning church"?

2)What "horror stories" do you have about the church not "getting it"...(being corny, judgemental, irrelevant, boring, whatever..)

3)How would you summarize how the world/culture has changed in the last thirty years?

4)How might the church take steps to actually get people connected to God and each other?

5) Share about your experience with modern technology (Railway Zero or other forums, IM, text message, cell phone, webcam, MySpace, YouTube etc) that helps you meet people/connect with people/receive prayer or support, and talk about how/what the church might learn (pro or con) from such technology.

6)What..if any..role do you see for "the sermon" these days...(length, style,pulpit or not, dialogue, who delivered by..anything)

7) Share stories about churches you like or that "get it."

8)What "secular" music, bands, artists move you spiritually?

9)If you could design the seating arrangement and choose furniture for a church gathering, what would the room look like?

10)If you could give advice to pastors and leaders and knew you would be listened to and your advice implemented..what would you say?

thanks !

Here is my course description, complete conference schedule and even regisration
See you there.

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