Saturday, April 12, 2008

" this is more serious than any normal activity."

When I pasted this John McArthur quote below from Monday Morning Insight, I guess I accidentally included the ad..
..That is, the ad and the quote.

"Some people ask, why do I wear a tie? Because I have respect for this responsibility. I wear a suit because this is a more elevated experience for people. I’m trying to convey what people convey at a wedding: this is more serious than any normal activity.

This is the most serious occasion anyone will attend in their life: the preaching of the Word of God. I don’t want to join with our culture in sinking into the casual. We have a generation that’s never been to anything formal. And if my dress goes down, the people at the bottom go down, and then we gym shorts!…

Because all I’m trying to do is explain the meaning of the Word of God. And you want to use any avenue to do so short of affirming the culture. I don’t need to borrow or certainly not to accredit the culture by being overly familiar with it. Becoming all things to all men means looking into the situation and seeing where they are in their religious thinking, to find a starting point to move them into Scripture.”

-John McArthur


  1. You saw the date the original article was posted?

  2. Thanks. When I checked the date, and sw it was April 1, I thought the whole thing was a spoof.

    But it is a transcript of a talk given earlier..March which other terrible phrases like "I never use an illustration from a movie or song or a TV program, because I really don’t want to affirm anything in that culture." joke!



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