Tuesday, April 01, 2008

From Dobson to Real World Barista

I was so glad to see this piece from Christianity Today made it online. Kudus for CT for covering this (next: how about finally coaxing Colson into a dialogue?):

"The Grace Escape"
Working as a barista has tested me in ways that speeches, campaigns, and protests never did.

My career trajectory over the last four years has my dad doing a lot of hand wringing. I've gone from working as an aide for James Dobson, to ministering to male prostitutes, to making café lattes at a Chicago coffee shop. But even that path seems normal considering that once, 12 years ago, I went from serving in media relations at the National Organization for Women, to serving in media relations at Focus on the Family. Translation: I swallowed the culture and spit out a feminist worldview; then, within a short period, I swallowed the culture and spit out a conservative Christian worldview. Needless to say, I've wrestled fiercely with worldview and faith.

My job as a barista puts me smack dab in the "real world"—which to me, means not defending an abortion clinic, leading nonviolent civil-disobedience trainings, stalking an anti-abortion activist at 3 A.M., or writing a news release on "Banned Books Week" (or Lorena Bobbitt). Nor is it stepping into a college auditorium knowing that my story of coming to Christ and out of homosexuality could elicit tears, laughter, ridicule, and even protests.

With a history like this, pulling perfect shots of espresso and steaming pitchers of milk are middle-ground..

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