Sunday, April 13, 2008

CCM makes you lie

If you are not familiar with Sam Phillips; you are overdue.

"I need God; not political church...":

"when the water's too high,I will carry you":

"And I don't know all the truth/From the lying
But I know that I need you
Because I am dying
From being held by hell
In a cell of blinding fear":

How about this antique (1985) song of hers below. She took so much flack for putting honesty in the middle of praise song. To this day, when this song is song in church, the lines are edited out:
I open my eyes to the sound of morning news
And wish for ten more minutes left to sleep
And as I get into the shower the thoughts of
facing one more day
Overwhelm me and I begin to weep
And I've never felt like I've needed Your help,
so bad

I know what you are thinking; those above lyrics are blasphemous indeed(:

Of course the chorus, "Every day I look to You to be the strength of my life," made the cut.

Gee, no wonder she left the Christina industry-machine far behind.

Bet the Pharisees hate her song from a few years later; this one that if there were justice, should be sung in church:

if i said i believe my eyes
and science can move my soul
if i said i'm not afraid to die
and i don't need you

i'd be lying

if i said the way he looks at me
doesn't make me want to undress
if i said i could leave you now
and go where i could forget

i'd be lying

i've been lying all my life with silence
and i need to find the words to tell you

if i said i don't want what i don't have
and all the answers are enough
if i said i believe in myself
and that's enough

i'd be lying

or her amazing cover of Lennon's
"Gimmee Some Truth":

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