Monday, April 21, 2008

i don't even feel naked yet

I am not grieving, and I do not feel naked.

I do miss it when I look at the classic Shawn Rabon (the good looking cowboy next to me at left) painting (below) which immortalized it.

After years of threatening (see this story), I finally sold my preaching robe on EBay.
I couldn't be more pleased with who won the auction. Check out this cool pastor; may he wear it well.
In the meantime, I will likely continue to lead church gatherings dressed like this:

I still have a black clergy robe; I wear it once in awhile (only when asked) for a joint Good Friday service...but my favorite use of it was when a pastor friend borrowed it as he needed to look like a judge for a play.
Tough I want people to mistake me for a crossdresser (the grey robe I sold) or a judge?

Tough call.

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