Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The amazing Andrews Bonsu prays in "the mighty name of Jesus Christ."

It was the "46664" World Aids Day Benefit Concert for Nelson Mandela in Africa.

One of my favorite U2-related moments;
Bono must have stealth-style set this up.
Just watch him clapping and "amen-ing" at the mention of the "mighty name of Jesus Christ."

I'm not sure anyone knew the boy (Andrews Bonsu) who was ushered onstage was going to pray, instead of give a speech. But pray he did.

Love to watch the various rock stars engaging with the prayer...or not!
Start the clip about 3:42...the pause before the prayer is so pregnant with a holy hush.

I remember seeing this live on TV; reminded me of all the 2001 NBA playoff viewers who were hijacked into prayer by Bono at the halftime show (that story is told here, and watchable here).

Note: The delightful young man is now 17, and planning to become a pilot and a pastor.
What a bivocation!

Audio here.

Video banned from YouTube, but it's here, 
and here below (1:15ff):

studio version  here  (and below) includes (a dialed-down version of) the prayer.



a few more clips from the concert"

"American Prayer" with Bono's famous "We really need the churches to open your doors...break the stigmatization...if God loves you; then what's the problem?!":

And an outtake when Bono teases himself; practicing his introduction of Mandela in a Mandela accent:

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