Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Revolutions of Grace , Jesus Condemned by Modernists

If you are reading this blog, you likely already read this book voraciously on the toilet and at great risk in the car.

As all true pomo mofos should.

And of course it is only five bucks on amazon today; you are without excuse.
Sell all you have, and buy the book. (see Len's posts on it here; and mine here..but don't read online while revKev does..)

I especially appreciate the pomo 3M trinity of Manning, Mullins and McLaren in the excerpt below:

"If the 'revolution' of modernity began with such a singular recognition [of grace], cannot the shattering of the now sclerotic modern consciousness with the new postmodern sensitivity be about grace as well? Was Christ a 'nihilist' because he unstintingly and heatedly attacked the Pharisees, trustees of the piety and probity of their day? Was he a 'relativist' because he supped with sinners and tax collectors, or defended an adultress who was about to be stoned according to the godly standards of first century Judea? Jesus was accused of everything modernists accuse postmodernists of today--consorting with demons, being a drunkard and a party animal, behaving in an insane fashion, and having certain megalomaniac fantasies about his 'messianic' role as the Son of Man.

One needs 'foundations' in order to uphold the law. But one requires the 'shaking of foundations' in order to experience grace. For foundationalists and legalists, grace is a rather disturbing event. If Manning, Mullins and McLaren are right on target, as I believe they are, then the Next Reformation, like the last one, is all about grace. It is a revolution of grace."

-Raschke, "The Next Reformation: Why Evangelicals Must Embrace Postmodernity," p. 178

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  1. Dave, you blow my mind with all of your extensive theological, topical and pop culture knowledge. I AM SURE THAT MY EMOTIONAL BRAIN IS NOT LARGER THAN YOURS! especially because I am shopping for jeans on the Internet instead of reading this book by Carl Raschke.


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