Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Bruce Cockburn in God's Shack

I finally got around to reading "The Shack."

Every preacher dude is getting asked about The Shack and the "Lakeland Outpuring."

I liked it surprisingly well. I thought it would get cheesy..but it didn't.

Mark Driscoll will call me a harry tick:

Here's an interview with the author:

One of the highlights is hearing that the God character loves Bruce Cockburn:

"I am especially fond of Bruce, you know." (p. 118)

Mack asks God, "I thought You'd be listening to George Beverly Shea, or..something churchier."

"Now see here, Mackenzie. You don't have to look out for me. I listen to everything--and not just to the music itself, but the hearts behind it. Don't you remember your seminary classes? These kids (the band Diatribe) ain't saying anything I haven't heard before; they're just full of vinegar and fizz. Lots of anger, and I must say with some good reason too..." (91)

Heck, the book even quotes Buckminster Fuller; "God is a verb."


"But what about all those miracles? The healings? Raising people from the dead?
Doesn't that prove that Jesus was God?"

"No, it proves that Jesus is human." (99)

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