Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"visceral dislocation and perseverance"

Of all the bonus tracks on the re-releases of the first three U2 albums. I recommend starting the test-drive with the God-haunted live versions on  the deluxe "October" below.
(Quick, they are only streaming for week)

Hat tip to Beth, who comments:

the live performance of "I Fall Down," track 12 on the bonus disc for October, is probably my favorite ever live version of that song, with copious heartfelt lyric changes that by the end almost verge on a sort of prophecy. If you want to get a visceral sense of the dislocation, anger, yet determination to persevere in faith that this band were going through during the October period, just listen to this performance.
-Beth, U2sermons.blogspot.com

another early version

U2 - October Deluxe Edition


  1. I'm really surprised they put "With A Shout" on, after comments from Edge a few years ago saying he never wanted to hear it again in his life. But I'm sorry we didn't get a live version of "Rejoice" -- there are a lot of stellar ones.

  2. Wow You really dig U2 Huh?
    I been studing your blog some lately... The Church needs to jump into the Blogsphere a lot more IMO.
    But you have known that for years huh? Shine On Bro!

  3. Huge amen, Beth



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