Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Damaged whole

Found on "Peer Pressure is Forever,"
David Dark's amazing blog:

"...Andy Warhol looked like a little god. It was so comforting the way he made everything uncomfortable. And the way the damage rose to the surface around him. The people around him had this in common, at first: a sense of sin. They knew what was damaged and what was whole. Andy Warhol knew, too. But sometimes he was coy. Sometimes he wouldn’t tell. People around him wondered if they had got it right. People around him wondered if they should be more damaged or more whole. It was hard to tell."

--George W.S. Trow, Within the Context of No Context

When people leave our presence, maybe they should become convinced they should become more BOTH..

It's a pair of doxes anyway!

Damaged whole,
Beautiful Letdown,
Real Saint,
is just what I am.

Might as well be more of it (Philippians 3:16)...
until simulacra-klessia hits..

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