Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"i find i relate more to the sinners than i do to the saints"

"When i read the Bible, i find i relate more to the sinners than i do to the saints,"
he said.

Is that OK?
Is that as it should be
(as long as it is understood as it should be?)?

Watch this clip of The Violet Burning's classic "Song of the Harlot."

If it doesn't move you at
all, that's OK.
But you may be on the wrong blog (try a site that can't offend you, like this one).

I have been overwhelmed by this song/praying with it since its first appearance in 1992.
Thanks to Diane for the original tip: I might not even be alive without this band;
(even though they almost killed me once ..see this).
On a snowy day in Chicago, as the first Gulf War was breaking out, Diane handed me a cassette, suggesting I might like this new band.

To say she was right is a huge understatement. Every day since then has been somehow tethered to that day.

Oh, by the way, this song (inevitably) includes the "w" word:
the whore at Your feet."

Again, that is as it should be,
if you interpret it as it was meant to be.

More on whores, holy and otherwise:

Yes, we had this band at our could we not.

The singer cannot not pray through guitar.

Bless 'em, send 'em money.

And a bonus:
a very different song here from the very different next (1996) album

(see: the most listenable "unlistenable" album ever made),

but a psalm indeed.

Though it sounds like the desperate cry of someone not sure they are a sinner or saint.

Is that OK?

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