Saturday, December 06, 2008

on representing the world

It's not my vibe or genre at all,
and I don't know much about Krsytal Meyers.

In fact all I know I just read in Patrol Magazine below:

Krystal Meyers - Make Some Noise

Krystal Meyers is sort of the anti-Katy Perry. While Her Fake Lesbianness was kissing girls and embarassing her parents, Krystal was remaking her "Born-Again Avril" image into something much more marketable and (let's be honest) attractive: a dance-pop diva with a way cool club video that was even a just a little bit sexy, like the old days of Christian music come again. "Make Some Noise" lifted her tolerability index out of the tolerability zone (where Katy Perry arguably still hovers), into "things we actually like" territory.

Now it seems that other people like her, too. Really important people, like the ones who cast singles as soundtracks to NBC fall promos. That's exactly what's happening with "Make Some Noise," which plays behind stars like Masi Oka and John Krasinski. Check it out:

So I was not surprised to read in the comments beneath her " way cool club video that was even a just a little bit sexy," what I assume is a sarcastic slam by a well-meaning believer:

"Way to represent God.. er... I mean the world in this video."
12/1/o8 post
by Love4Christ7

My response to "Love4Christ7":

I may even share some concerns about the video;
but actually, we ARE indeed called to "represent the world."
Our prophetic priestly role inevitably involves re-presenting God to the world,
and representing the world."

A few posts above Love4Christ7's:

no offense but she seams a bit provocative. I mean she's in a club for crying out loud. Not a very "christian" hang out. The excuse can't be she's gonna save the people in the club dancing on a table?
No offense back, but of course a club isn't a Christian hangout; but it's exactly where Jesus often hung out..
even when well-meaning believers thought he shouldn't.

Then a few posts below, a nice affirmation she is penetrating the "worldly" market,
and is not just "preaching to the choir....assuming this comment is not from a conservative Christian (:
...though something within me hopes it is!:


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