Sunday, December 21, 2008

Rick Warren will rewrite "Purpose Driven Church" to mention me

Rick Warren:

"If you look up the word 'entertain' in a dictionary, you'll find this definition:
'capturing and holding the attention for an extended period of time'.
I don't know a preacher who doesn't want to do that."
- Purpose Driven Church, p231.

I am that preacher. (:

I am not called to do that , and will refuse to try.

By "that," I mean not the "capture and hold attention"part.
I work hard at that, you can even call me an entertainer.

I mean the "extended period of time" bit.
God, deliver me from that.
I prefer church as the Bible depicts it:
When that happens, Jesus can "capture and hold their attention for an extended period of time."

More on "no extended sermons,please":

P.S. That Warren quote was found in the comments of a post on U2 Church by Pack Hughes, "Performance: Its not a dirty word"

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