Friday, April 17, 2009

"Camus to Arcade Fire’s Sartre"?

Since Borders is selling off all their CDs,
I picked up a Cd by band I have been meaning to tackle.
Don't these reviews make you wonder what to think of Islands' "Return to The Sea"?

Stay tuned..
..if Islands aims to be a building on the metaphorical Montreal cityscape, it’ll be an abandoned church with buttresses on scale with the Arcade Fire’s, though less haunted by the ghosts of dead relatives than made alive with the sounds of drunken bands using its basement as a jam space. Camus to Arcade Fire’s Sartre, the post-apocalyptic carnivalesque of “Humans,” Elephant 6 pop of “Rough Gem” and declarative but comfortably confident style of “Swans” are facsimiles of their city brethren’s theatrical indie-zine headshots, but with moustaches and eyebrows like a V drawn on, each song wielding slightly twisted melodrama as biting as an ax with a pink ribbon tied around its handle. This isn’t the kind of thing you’ll be able to tell by flicking through the first two minutes of each song: at 4:30 of “Swans,” for example, the simple progression and steady momentum established throughout the song’s first minutes blossoms into a honeyed guitar melody...

Even though its primary songwriter is vocally aware of the omnipresence of uncertainty..
The band is winking at you, after all, but at least now they seem assured enough to let their audience in on the joke, and the experience is more revelatory and gratifying for it.

"almost as disturbingly memorable as a cuddly cartoon blood orgy. "
Pitchfork review here

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