Saturday, April 11, 2009

opting for power and control instead

"One thing is clear to me:

The temptation of power is greatest when intimacy is a threat.

Much Christian leadership is exercised by people
who do not know how to develop healthy, intimate relationships
and have opted for power and control instead.

Many Christian empire-builders
have been people unable to give and receive love."
-Henri Nouwen, "In the Name of Jesus"


  1. I think we fear being found out. We hide our shame, and when our facade is threatened, we push/force/control people away so we won't be truly seen. This is wisdom, if to be truly known is to be despised.

    This is great tragedy of human marriage.

  2. Hey, what are you blogging for? It's Easter Sunday! Don't you have some religious stuff to be doing?

  3. St. Amy:
    I gave up religion for Lent!
    After speaking at serviced three days in a row, and having tons of people from church over for easter lunch and party..i decided to relax and debrief by checking the blog..that's a holy endeavor.

    How is MBBS going?

  4. At this very moment, I am holed up in the computer lab, trying not to panic about deadlines. In other words, pretty dadgum good!

    non sequitur
    I have recently become a displaced person, having lost my worship gathering of choice due to closure.

    My family and I are seeking a community of believers to hang with, and I think I'll be joining you at one of your gatherings sometime soon.

  5. love your blog..

    as you may know, some folk have been joining us since the church closed..
    I cannot imagine how hard that is; and i loved the church...connected well with it over the years.

    Praying the best scenario for you and yours


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