Friday, April 17, 2009

"No Line"/"And There Was Light"

It should go without saying that listening to U2's "No Line" CD and reading NT Wright's "Surprised by Hope" is quite the Dovetail experience.
One is soundtrack to the other.

That's likely old hat and no news to anyone hanging out here.

But it can't go without saying that soaking up the U2 record in holy random tandem with
"And There Was Light," Lusseyman's luminous journal of sudden blindness at age eight, and Buchenwald Concentration Camp ten years later..

is amazing.

Lusseyrman on getting accustomed to blindness:

"Every Sunday, an old beggar used to play three tunes on his accordion in the courtyard of our apartment house...(this) created a thousand dimensions in space...
With sound, I never came to an end, for this was another kind of infinity."

-Lusseyrman, "And There Was Light".p.25, emphasis mone

"We are people borne of sound/The songs are in our eyes"-U2, "Breathe"

"We are people borne of sound/The songs are in our eyes"
-U2, "Breathe"

"Infinity's a great place to start"
-U2, "No Line on the Horizon"


"We suddenly heard a military band drawn up on either side of a monumental entrance. The music it made sounded like dance tunes. The inscription over the gate read KONZENTRATIONSLAGER BUCHENWALD.

I passed through this gateway going in the opposite direction fifteen months later, on April 18, 1945. But here I come to a halt. I can't say how, but it is no longer I who am conducting my life.
It is God, and I haven't always understood how he went about it...

...There is no truth about the inhuman, any more than there is truth about death; at any rate not on our side, among us mortal men. Such truth could only exist for our Lord Jesus Christ, absorbed and preserved by him in the name of his Father and ours."

As to the U2 connection here?

"At the moment of surrender..of vision over visibility...I folded to my knees...I've been in every black hole..I did not notice the passersby...Counting down till the pain would stop, anybody?

Let's paraphrase MacPhisto for the new millenium:
"Goodbye all you neo Nazi skinheads, I hope they give you a moment of surrender."

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