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the more we travel from the future, the more real we become

Most believers don't know it, but it is a basic tenet of faith (and science) that the arrow of time moves "backwards" from future to the present.

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Ever heard this in your doctrine class or church membership class?

Why do we only hear it from Fuller theologian George Ladd, physics texts, or U2
("Love makes no sense, and time will disappear" and "Time is irrelevant; it's not linear," etc.)

But re-reading C.S. Lewis's Christianity opens windows here, and also sheds light of simulacra/real reality and realism (emphasis mine).

" if you picture Time along a straight line along which we have to travel, then you must picture God as the whole page on which the line is drawn. We come to the parts of the line one by one..God contains the whole line, and sees it all [By the way, this enlightens U2's title, "No Line on the Horizon]..

The human life in God [in the person of Christ on earth] is from our point of view a particular period
a particular period in the history of our world (from the year A.D. one till the Crucifixion). We therefore imagine it is also a period in the history of God's own existence. But God has no history. He is too completely and utterly real to have one. For, of course, to have a history means losing part of your reality (because it had already slipped away into the past) and not yet having another part (because it is still in the future): in fact having nothing but the tiny little present, which has gone before you can speak about it. God forbid we should think God was like that. Even we may hope not to be always rationed in that way
-(C.S. Lewis, Time And Beyond Time, from Mere Christianity, pp.168-69)
So, the more we live Kingdomly...travelling the non-linear line from the future to the present--
the more we break the back of satanic simulacra, and become really real, as God is real.
In doing this, we actually infuse historty with redemptive purpose.
Heilsgescichte is back from the future. Hegelian was partly right; but partly backwards.

"The Meaning of History" by Ronald Nash
"Revelation as History" by Pannenberg
"The Presence of the Future" by Ladd

No wonder the "future needs a big kiss."
We've already been there, mightt as well embrace it.

Why Let Lewis and the Edge (watch the clip)be the only ones from the future, and have all the

(the above clip flows into this song)

holy fun?


  • "The Meaning of History" by Ronald Nash
  • "Revelation as History" by Pannenberg
  • "The Presence of the Future" by Ladd

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