Monday, April 20, 2009

sexiness of translation, McArthur the pomo poster boy?

I was prepping to teach a bit on Bible translations, and translation theory/ethos/theology...dynamic equivalence etc,
when a post from the Tall One arrived:

..Speaking of translation, and also connected with the mystery vs. relevance debate in Song of Solomon, check out Walter Benjamin's Task of the Translator here on Google Books version of the Postmodern Bible Reader. I have the big hard copy of this book at home but here you can read about dynamic equivalence in translating the Bible as a "modern" task OR the more postmodern idea of Walter B that a translator has to protect the text in order to honor it. In this understanding of translation, is John McArthur taking the postmodern approach and Mark Driscoll the modern? Thoughts?
-Tall Skinny Kiwi
The post was about preaching/blogging the spiritual/eroticism of Song of Solomon. No surprise
John McArthur accuse Mark Driscoll of "raping" the book. Follow the link to the Postmodern Bible Reader here to weigh the important, amazing question the Kiwi asked. See Tall Skinny Kiwi for links to the sex sermons in debate.

If it turns out dynamic equivalence and Driscoll are modern, and, of all saints, McArthur is the true pomo after all...

...What's next? Colson losing his crabs?

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