Monday, July 06, 2009

No Cell Phones During Baptisms!!!

Uh, besides the pastor's tie...

several things stand out about this baptism video:

1. It was a (humanly) unplanned "service."
2. It occurs in the context of a lunch party afterglow at our house. The "baptismal preparation" class was the organic discipleship that happened in meetings and at St. Arbucks over the last few weeks" relationship.
3. She says she wants to be baptized because she "got saved." When I ask her how that happened,
she answers that she was just hanging out talking to someone. I respond: "That's often how it happens": relationship.
4. The main dude (Keltic Ken)that was talking with her (#3) leads in the prayer (not the official "rev.")
5. In the middle of the prayer, someone (Tattoed Tarzan, see "Belonging BEFORE believing: a delirious heresy?)'s cell phone rings, to the tune of "(I Want to) Walk in the Light." It suddenly becomes a word from God and a theme song.
I sensed there was a Scripture to quote, but it seemed like someone else was supposed to mention it. They did: the song is based on 1 John 1:7.
(Dang that "no cell phone" rule.. see "You wanna give me the phone?" and "one church's policy on cell phones in church" and note this is not the first time God spoke via an "allowed" cell phone call "in church": see "Deconstructing Solomon's Box" )
6. The Spiritaneous liturgical dance that wraps it up.
(When we posted this on Facebook, Pastor Tom quipped,
"I will have to incorporate the baptize dance into our ritual.")

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  1. And lets not forget "the HOLY SPIRIT" is coming!! LOLOL!


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