Tuesday, July 21, 2009

not your typical post on the end times and the Jews..

“A thrilling ride to the far edges of modern physics.” --New York Times Book Review

“A dazzling exercise in scientific speculation, as rigorously argued as it is boldly conceived.” --Wall Street Journal

“Tipler has written a masterpiece conferring much-craved scientific respectability on what we have always wanted to believe in.” --Science

“More readable than Roger Penrose’s The Emperor’s New Mind or Douglas Hofstadter’s Gödel, Escher, Bach . . . an imaginative eschatological entertainment appropriate to the approaching end of the millennium.” --New Orleans Times-Picayune

“Undeniably fascinating…” --Seattle Times

“Tipler’s brash announcements are challenging—and entertaining. Although written from the viewpoint of a Ph.D., anyone should be able to get a kick out of the professor’s big-bang ideas.” --Publishers Weekly

“A book that proves the existence of the Almighty and inevitably of resurrection, without recourse to spiritual mumbo jumbo . . . Tipler does it all.” --Mirabella

Physics PhD Frank Tipler became a theist after his book, "The Physics of Immortality."

"As long as you're using...general relativity, and quantum mechanics, you are forced to conclude that God exists."

He has not yet become an official Christian since his sequel, "The Physics of Christianity"..

But how close do you want to get?

He suggests that not only were the virgin birth, incarnation and resurrection of Jesus possible, according to physics, but historically necessary...
The virgin birth and the incarnation are historically necessary, and preqrequisites, for the end of the world/Second Coming to happen.

A delightful, maddening book..

But today I will pick up just one typical amazing chapter (a delightful, maddening microcosm), "Anti-Semitism is anti-Christian," in which
Tipler makes a case for:

  • By the year 2050 at latest, we will see:
1.intelligent machines more intelligent thanj humans
2.human downloads, effectively invulnerable and far more capable than normal humnas
3.most of humanity Christian
4.effectively unlimited energy
5.a rocket capable of interstellar trave;
6. bombs that are to atomic bombs are to spitballs...possessed by practically anyone who wants one

  • Jesus rose from the dead..using electrotweak tunneling to convert matter into energy, with the intent of showing us how to do the same

  • The fourth Noahide law [the commands Jews believe Gentiles must keep to inherit eternal life] may be inconsistent with incarnation

  • The Talmud predicts the Messiah must come by the year 2240.

  • 'Christian Jews" will once again..in our day..lead Christianity.
  • "To hate the Jews is to hate both Christianity and science"
Not to mention the prediction that we will see a Jewish pope in this millenium...

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