Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"We're messed up. But at least we're honest about it.."

Sean Doty of the prophetic and pioneering 1980s/90s band,Veil of Ashes,is featured in the new book "God is Not Dead (And Neither Are We)" .Interview excerpts:

" You had to sell a certain amount of tickets (to play clubs), or you didn’t come back. However, we played them so often and did well enough to where after a while that was waived for us. They knew we could put together a show with other artists like us, such as the 77s and Dead Artist Syndrome, and fill the place on a night that otherwise would be dead. So they could have cared less whether we were Christians. If anything, they liked it. We were often told it was nice having someone who wouldn't be stealing other band's equipment or ripping things up backstage. The only thing they were worried about was the bar business being down [laughing]...It wasn't."

...Get rid of the whole Christian music industry. Liars, cheats and crooks...

One day we'd be told, 'Oh, you're playing regular shows, you're reaching people, this is great, we love you, sign here.' Next day, same people would be going, 'Why aren't you playing churches? Stop being so abrasive, stop being such a rock'n'roller.' Wasn't that what they signed us for?

When you go through stuff like this, it's hard not to become bitter and suspicious of the church,You become bitter and suspicious of people. I'm not a saint. I'm a musician. We're usually messed up. But at least we're honest about it...

...Christian rock wasn’t made for the church...However, giving it that title made it impossible to be anything else. They sunk a fine ship full of talented people before it even set sail. And it was with friendly fire.”

-Oakland Examiner,link

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