Monday, July 06, 2009

some gods don't even know what sex you are

It is amazing..incredulous/inevitable that after his 1987 bankruptcy after this 1987 expose (the "voice of God" was his wife over a radio transmitter)..

..that Peter Popoff (wikipedia, official website) is not on only back, but selling (for "free") "Miracle Spring Water" from Chernobyl..

..and mailing gnostic promises to people from a

god who can't even get the recipients' gender right ...

Yet I hasten to add that that this craziness is "just" an extreme manifestation of the manipulation that all us pastor-types engage in without (?) meaning to.
(see "Reduction of Seduction Part 1,"
Extreme Fakeover, and other posts linked"role of the pastor" at bottom).

Beware the subtle sister sins of simony and simulacrakklesia
(and of alliterating "S"s in sermons....)

And the clever 2:15 scene segue in this clip below reminds me of the classic "2001:A Space Odyssey segue...maybe the message is the same:

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