Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bono goes over my head...this time literally

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I had my wife's camera for the first time at the U2 concert in Oakland, so I didn't have the night shot settings right...which means the members of U2 glow in most of my videos (that will preach!)..

Having said that...

Here at the bottom of page is my  Oakland "Miss Sarejevo" clip... a profound song about  moving ahead with something as earthly and "unspiritual" as  a beauty pageant even in the midst of war and violence.  Official music video helps context:

A few things hit me after Oakland:

1)Lyric change to "is there a time for synagogue?"....Bono loves Jewish imagery more than we might realize...
2)On that note, I noted for the first time that the repeated lyric references to "is there a time for..."
connects well to open of the repeated lines of the concert's narrative arc/liturgy/leitourgia: "What time is it in the world?" (commentary on that here and  here and here)
3)Bono...after singing  the bridge of the song (the Pavorotti section), rides the literal bridge he was on, right over me.  Bono loves to connect with fans, but often with his more prophetic stage acts (from MacPhisto to the more subtle ones) and theological references, he goes way over the fans he literally did mine  in the video here. (:


Documentary, "Missing Sarajevo":

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