Thursday, June 09, 2011

Moltmann on communion: everyone should see each other (missional sacraments part 16)

Moltmann on communion (Via Tony Jones). I was glad he included #5, for the reason I'll share in tomorrow's post::
Moltmann, in The Church in the Power of the Spirit, lists six characteristics of the Lord’s Supper that he considers imperative:
  1. Communion must be central to the Christian community, must be integrated into the heart of the worship service (not tacked on at the end), and must be celebrated with bread and wine.
  2. The table must be open to those of varying theological views.
  3. Baptism and confirmation must not be prerequisites for the fellowship of the table.
  4. Everyone who follows Christ is qualified to administer the sacrament, and everyone is called upon to offer and distribute the elements.
  5. Not only should the person performing the liturgy face the congregation, but the entire worship space should, if possible, be redesigned to a “‘common room’ in which the participants can see and talk to one another.’”
  6. Communion should always be followed by “a common meal, and the proclamation of the gospel by a common discussion of people’s real needs and the specific tasks of Christian mission.”[]Moltmann

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