Saturday, June 04, 2011

keltic ken and radio-orthodoxy

Khristian radio...particularly the most
old school variety...Christian radio that features mostly sermons..
needs consultation with creative types like Mark DeRaud about their

KRDU  is in that boat.

Kongratulations to our Keltic Ken, who is kaptain  of KRDU Radio..he was quoted today in The Fresno Bee:

Radio ministries use Internet to broaden audience - Faith & Values -

He is incredibly gifted..and because of his calling, he has  some
 wonderful questions to ask:

--How does "America's first commercial Christian radio station  keep from "echoing with the sounds of salesmen"?

--What to do about "radio orthodoxy"?:

Brian McLaren: I often use the term "radio orthodoxy" for this mass consensus that is imposed on most evangelical churches. It doesn't matter what the pastor says on Sunday, if the radio preacher on Monday through Friday says something else. I felt this way for many years as a pastor, and was so thankful for the words of Tony to say things I felt challenged in saying to my own congregation. You see if a pastor speaks up and no one else is saying what he is saying then the pastor looks out to lunch because what the Christian media ultimately says is what's really right. I think this is why Tony and I probably receive such favorable support, because we are creating more than just a monologue within churches and opening up a healthy dialog or conversation for Christians to engage in. link
---How does KRDU ever top THIS video?:

(I know, as soon as I post this, there will be one return: this page!)


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  1. yeah, Keep the conversation going. I am pretty certain people will start listening to all this new tech-era of communication and by God-incident will run accross the Truth and Word of God.


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