Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Video:The Violet Burning in Fresno, Interview, Two Dummies, and Keltic Ken sings "Dancing Queen"

We had an amazing night with The Violet Burning..here's some video, and more to follow.  Be sure to grab the band's new triple release, six out of five-star release, "The Story of Our Lives".
(cliick the band's name at bottom of post for more TVB posts, click here to read my review and hear lots of samples) and cllick here to buy the CDs yesterday..tell them I sent ya).

Right here..(click here ) is an audio podcast Keltic Ken and I did with band leader Michael  Pritzl, especially about the new material.

Soon to be added to the post here will be a couple of killer exclusives (Watch this space!!):

 1)the classic encore of two of the  most  moving psalms of lament ever recorded: "Underwater" and "Low."
It was an honor to get these songs live.

 2)and video of the Spiritaneous afterglow concert  (held on the street) pictured here...

Vincent J. Vera of course was wonderful as opening act, and his videographer Alex Ramirez, who produced this infamous clip below...which features Vincent, Keltic Ken Adams and meself, with Ken's stunning performance of "Dancing Queen".. filmed the entire evening, so I will link that as soon as I have it..

Didn't you love that? On to the show.  First  clips below, sorry so dar..waiting on Vincent's better film.
   Note at the beginning of the first clip, for some reason two dummies are on the stage as the show kicked off.. (:
  •  part 1"Where it all begins"/"Lights Out"
  •  Part 2:"br0thr", "Machine Beat Sabbatha" and "Imminent Collapse"
  •  Part 3 "Ilaria"/Firstborn from the Dead"
  •  Part 4:"Rock is Dead," "Nowhere, CA" "Sung"
  •  Part 5: "Underwater" and "Low" 

Here's some of the afterglow concert, with the video description I wrote up on YouTube.

After their gig at Neighborhood Thrift, The Violet Burning perform a few songs out on the street for those of whose who volunteered, and for passersby on the street.  We'll never forget how the songs got the attention of folks, including a homeless man who stopped and offered a knowing smile: "That's a gospel song, isn't it?"  At the start of the clip, you see Michael and Lenny  apparently trying to get Daryl out of the venue's bathroom, so the janitor  can lock up  the venue(:  Then Michael and Lenny take  Ivana's request of "Maker of the Stars"

 Here, after I requested "I See Stars," Michael sings a bit before he asks me to remind of the lyrics ! I drew a blank, and they went into a moving rendition of "Mon Desir"

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