Wednesday, June 08, 2011

" Wojtek flew twenty hours...without an airplane"

Photo by Skib
A  year ago, 
I wouldn't even have dared to dream that U2 would ever do these two songs in concert again..but here they are from last night in Oakland.

In fact, both songs were extremely rare live, even when they were released..
Two of my very favorite "ready for church songs"..and we had church last night:
Photo by Skib

Then at 2:52 below you see him looking down right at us under the bridge,
and few seconds later he says "crazy!!" to the guys next to us, seemed to be commenting on their pot smoking and antics:

Then, on "Moment of Surrrender,"...It sounded like Bono changed the end of the prayer raop.  It sure sounded like "Keep your faith in the clown.  Don't lose your faith in the clown,"...and it seemed as if was talking about himself.   The last few nights he seems to have reversed the imagery; where it was "Don't put your faith in..," now it's ""Put your faith in...." Hmmm, it has been debated what he has been saying here the last couple years (see the comments here) .most seem to hear "clown." Some hear "crowd" or ":crown."
 Maddeningly, I didn't get a video of it last night, and I don;t find it on YouTube yet.
Here's a fascinating versiuon from Seattle below (6:10ff), what do you hear?

But definitely one of the highlights, check out what happened at the very end as the band meets Wojtek,  This whole thing felt prophetic as I watched it, as if the guest was sent to bring a blessing to the band and to the U.S with his visit...and gift to Bono.  Of course, it is yet another refreshing example of how U2 honors fans......and a reminder that Beth is right: Bono does not bring only girls up on stage:

Reminded me of when they brought the guy up to play drums in Brooklyn...see below. You think he'll remember it forever?:

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